So much of modern journalism and punditing comes from people sitting in an office in-front of a computer writing about people they never talk to.

In Intellectual Int-ing, I will bring you the far more intimate "person on street" perspective, which has gotten lost in the medias hard pivot to DATA!

I will bring you the stories of normal people, often with problems that are anything but normal.

I will also bring you photos from all over America.

To do that, I will be literally walking around America with my camera. Sending dispatches from different cities. From large and small places. From urban and rural places. From everywhere I can go.

Before this, I spent over a decade driving and walking around America. Going to local houses of worship, eating and hanging in McDonald’s, documenting what I saw, in words and photos.

My book Dignity is a result of that.

I hope you enjoy it, and I certainly hope you subscribe.